This game raises money for the USA Rescue Games, The Tropical Adventure Competition, Pack 114 Special Scouts and The Atlanta Volunteers.  FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. is a 501 c 3 that manages those activities.  You may use this game to raise funds for any good cause or nonprofit.

Bootyrats eat 25% of the loonies you transfer to somebody. This goes to the Atlanta Volunteers. Making transfers of loonies is how you support the Atlanta Volunteers.

The points used on this web site are called Dubloons, but everyone calls them “loonies.”  You start with 50 loonies from $12.50 worth of Kroger game points, which is like getting a bucket of ($0.25) tokens at an arcade. You can also buy them from Paypal on the Bootymaster page. These can be redeemed for coupons, prizes or gift cards at the Prize counter.  You can earn loonies by catching bootyrats.

(RAT = Recipient, Amount, Type message)

Make a bootyRAT by doing the following.

Click on Bootymaster
then create this RAT to the Captain.

R=Captain, A=1, T=Permission to come aboard Sir

Press submit and then go to the top right of your screen into your profile. Use the drop-down menu and read “Dubloons History.”  You will see the details of this bootyRAT in the history.  You can see the history of any player.

You have just created, sent and verified your first “bootyrat.” The Captain caught this one and got a loony but this bootyrat just ate 25% of the loonies you passed to the Captain. Go to members and find the Captain and check his history, you will see the rat infestation has eaten some the looney you sent him. Verify your transfers and the bootyrat infestation by clicking on a players profile and reading their history. Reading a players history lets you determine if you are dealing with an honest sailor or a lying pirate.

Bootyrats are found all over the place and not just in the game.  They can be found in the classifieds to pay for goods and services, in video production to pay for crowd sourced work, in athletic competitions to be used as prizes and as a method to add comedy to your organizations business meeting while paying for your coffee and snacks.

Zoom calls, messengers, and live events are all places where you can find bootyrats.

Types of Bootyrats

R=Fred, A=1, T=darts, 10 loonies (play darts with Fred, the winner gets 10 loonies)

R=Leader, A=5, T=coffee & donut (you just paid for a coffee and donut at your business meeting)

R=all, A=1, T=Packers score next, 25 loonies (all=chatroom message to everyone, everyone who chases the RAT can bet on the next goal. People show that they are chasing the RAT by responding with one Dubloon to acknowledge.  R=challengers name  A=1, T=Your on)

R=Bootymaster, A=10, T=Bribe, Punish Fred for being a pirate and cheating at darts (if your bribe is too low, you get punished, if your bribe is too high you get random results including you being punished by the Bootymaster, excessive rewards or Fred punishing you and his great punishment earns him rewards)

R=all, A=1, T=20 USCG, 5 for Sally (everyone in the chat room has been challenged to take the next USCG quiz at our other web site  Losers pay winners 20 Dubloons and transfer 5 loonies to Sally (Sally could be the waitress, your group leader, favorite cause or anyone)

More Bootyrats

You are in your boat at Sunset Cove.  You want some ice delivered.  You go to the “Sunset Cove” chatroom and post “I challenge other boats to a dance off, loser pays 100 dubloons to the Atlanta Volunteers and gets a bag of ice”.  Other boats reply “Aye Aye”.  Details of the danceoff are given in the chatroom, people form a virtual line and it starts.  People vote in the chatroom.

In the “Lake Lanier Fishing” chat room, you see that there are four other fishermen out fishing today on Lake Lanier.  You post “I Bet 50 Dubloons that I will catch the next fish.”  You use a zoom meeting to verify everyone is fishing.

Create some comedy before you start your business meeting. While waiting for people to arrive you fine somebody 10 dubloons for wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, you fine somebody 5 for going bald, you fine people 15 for being late, they fine you 30 for the lousy joke you told.  A special award of 50 dubloons goes to Bob who went 10 days without spilling coffee or food on his shirt. The dubloons are given to your groups Treasurer to put in the coffee “kitty”, or towards your favorite charity.

Using zoom you put out a challenge to tie a bowline in the fastest time.

You will pay 250 Dubloons if somebody washes down the boat.

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