Games – Cash Entertainers

Server2 Gimme
singer1 I can singer louder than you
singer1 Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?
Lcmoyer Rock and Roll All Night!!
PirateElliot Monster Voice
Captain Come get it
Captain More work
Captain Time
Captain Hey is this thing on
Captain Whew! I am tired.
Captain I bet 10 loonies I will never be this skinny again
Captain Still cant see it
Captain Is this it
tyrosales Join the Team
Captain Volunteer Hours
Mate Time sheet
Mate Time
Captain Time
Lcmoyer First Post
drunkcatfish Got one for the road?
Captain I will buy you a beer
singer1 Yo ho he ho
Server2 Great tips!
Test I never lose
Test Bet on Darts
Test I want you!
Test Do I smell fishy to you?
Test Beat me until your morale improves
Test Bribes are just working pay for extra duties
Test Pirate Party
admin Fish on!
singer I will take on any challenge
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