Gangplank 2

Under Construction – Next tasks

Narrator, actors and general help needed to produce these tutorial videos before we launch this website. Look at prizes for the trailer of the pilot episode already completed.

If you are near Franklin NC or Cumming GA email or call or text 678 697 6566 to help with these instructional videos

This game is in the testing phase. The next task to be completed are the instructional videos. When those are completed the final version of the website can be developed

.To see the script click on each part. The script is dry, rewrite suggestions to add some color needs to it would be appreciated.

Commercial – What is the Pirate Dive Bar? Under development

Tutorial #1 Rules

Tutorial #2 Registration Tutorial

Tutorial #3 Registration Tutorial #2

Tutorial #4 Loonies

Instructional video #5 Basic skills

Instructional video # 6 Karaoke Challenge Game – under development

Instructional video #7 Crowd Sourced Video Production – under development

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