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The Atlanta Volunteers has a pirate theme used for fund raising. Here is how we use it.

Sailor – Free, 20 Kroger Game Points (loonies short for dubloons)Pirate – $5 for 20 Game Points
1 Real Profile (actual certifications, qualifications and experience)Use fake profiles  (gambling, catfishing, bribing judges, sharking)
SafeDanger, but we dare you $5 to try anyway
ApprovedNot approved and the tag was torn off
G rated (no smoking, cussing, horseplay etc.)Rated as a health hazard and toxic waste
Family Friendly (but you must be 18 to enter)18+, this is also the minimum IQ needed to play
TruthLies, but don’t take our word for it
Fines for acting like a piratePunishment for doing a honest days work
Knowledge, Safety & Sports CompetitionsBetting, Bribing, Catfishing, Sharking, Cussing
Video with talent, location and other releases signed and ready for broadcastVideo without talent
Video that can be freely releasedVideo with conditions such as extortion
A person with qualificationsA person with a good story
Everything is OKSum Ting Wong
Sailors register for free and get 20 game pointsPirates pay or cheat for game points called loonies
Sailors have exclusive pages Pirates have exclusive gangs
Sailors advance on meritPirates pass humiliating initiations or bribe their way into 9 different gangs
Sailors do not see the mutinous Pirate gangs and can’t read their chatroomsPirates see and know sailor plans but pirates don’t know their own plans
Sponsor a Team for the USA Rescue Games or Tropical Adventure CompetitionDrinking grog, whoremongering, betting, bribing and sleeping until noon

Everyone should complete a sailor avatar to volunteer, work or play to win prizes and then come back here to create anonymous unverified landlubber or pirate avatars. Your anonymous landlubber and pirate avatars create comedy and social media content on advanced levels.

The Sailor avatar is verified so it enables Kroger Game Points, donation receipts, volunteer scheduling and the recording of your volunteer hours. The sailor avatar also lets you compete in the TV series “Tropical Adventure Competition”, or become part of the cast or crew or win some of these prizes. The landlubber and pirate avatars let you create game situations, screenplay and interactions for projects, events and social media.

Sailor, Landlubber & Pirate are used in a variety of ways!

For character development the Sailor is honest and virtuous, the Landlubber sometimes gets into trouble and the Pirate always lies and cheats. For social media ratings the Sailor represents “G” content that is safe for work, commercials or broadcast. The Landlubber represents content that may be questionble “PG” and the Pirate represents all other content. For safety the sailor is safe, the landlubber is caution and the Pirate is dangerous.

Sailor – Use a real profile and be honest, ethical, moral, rely on skill, knowledge and hard work to get ahead.  Earn rank based on live events, competitions and certifications for Red Cross lifeguarding, CPR, NAUI Scuba, USCG knowledge and sailing ability.  Free to register & get 20 Kroger Game Points as our thank-you! We know you volunteer and support your community and can’t thank you enough!  Use your game points to support your favorite charity or cause.

Landlubber-Use a fake profile. You are an uncertain mix of Sailor and Pirate. Sailors and Pirates will make deals with you but they don’t trust you. Sailors and Pirates can bribe the Bootymaster for no reason to punish or reward you for anything you do.

Pirate – Use a fake profile, lie, cheat, steal, bribe judges and use dirty tricks to rob sailors and other pirates of their booty. Use your game points for drinking grog, whoremongering, overtipping the galley wench and gambling, the rest you can squander.

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