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To log volunteer or community service hours with the Atlanta Volunteers you need to login with a “Sailor” avatar. The view pages are only visible with that avatar. You may list hours for any activity listed at https://meetup.com/atlantavolunteers or have been assigned an activity from a group leader or Alan Kindree. You may also suggest activities that help a person with a disability present at birth or any activity that supports your community. email alan @ theabilityrevolution.com for information.

You log hours under POST. You fill out two parts of the “post” form. “Basic information” at the top and “Time Sheet” at the bottom. You can post a fun or real photo of your choice for your volunteer time. You can keep your answers very short.

When you log your time, come back to this page and it should appear at the top of the page where the “No Entries Found” message is.

Create a Sailor avatar here.

Thankyou for choosing the Atlanta Volunteers as a 501 (c) 3 charity to volunteer with!

Here is the IRS letter of determination for our nonprofit status.
More information about us can be found here (atlantavolunteers.org/about)
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