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Quickstart – Karaoke Challenge Game (easy level)

Register or Login. Fill out the Karaoke Challenge Game form. Go to the Karaoke page and look at who is playing. Click on their profile to go to their detail page and choose an easy, moderate or extreme challenge. Send the points needed for that challenge and in the message section, include the details. Use zoom, chat, messaging or profile posts to arrange the details. View the leaderboards and go to the prize counter to redeem points.

by using zoom, chat, messaging or reading profiles. Alert a player that you are going to challenge them. When they agree, transfer points to them for the challenge.

This game tests your Sailor ability to know who to trust, your Pirate ability to lie and cheat, your seductive catfishing ability to get people to trust you and your catfish skills to make good choices as a consumer. Random gangs form to drag landlubbers into the game just like other drunks who were hit on the head and ended up on a pirate ship as crew.

The two rules of this game can be summed up by saying, “All sales final”

  1. You never have to pay any fine, deliver any product or perform any challenge, service or punishment, but you can.
  2. You pay for a product, challenge or service before it is delivered or performed.

There are 3 moves.

  1. Use the classifieds, zoom, chat, leaderboards, pages or messaging to obtain loonies
  2. Transfer loonies to another player with a message.
  3. Read the transfer and message history of any player to determine strategy.

You can now play a simple game and get prizes at the prize counter immediately without further instruction.

Here is our recommendation for some middle ground to just have fun.

Create a completely bogus profile with a fake email then explore the game.

Get $12.50 worth of Game Points that you can redeem at the prize counter.

Look under your profile at the top right of your screen and find your loonies balance. You can see this balance and history on any player. This is an important game function to determine who is a sailor and who is a pirate. Other links in your profile become useful as you play the game.

See the leaderboards to discover how sailors, pirates, catfishers and catfish compete.

Click on the Bootymaster page to learn how to make bribes and get rich chasing Bootyrats.

Find your server or entertainer and tip them with a few of your game points and see where you rank as their favorite tipper.

Read the contests, bets, bribes, sale items, notices and other topics in the classifieds.

At your Karaoke location find other people in the chatroom, zoom, profile messaging and forums to find out what games, challenges, bets and bribes they are interested in.

That is enough to have fun playing this game!

Competitors for the Grand Prizes

This website is the production platform for the TV series “The Tropical Adventure Competition. You start here to qualify. As you advance to higher levels in the production, you will be given login credentials for the cast and crew. There are several different levels for technicians, human resources, producers and administration.

You will be competing to be one of the 300 people will make up the 30 productions teams for the TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition. You can also compete to be part of the crowd sourcing network of technicians from all over the world. To be prepared for the first day of tryouts, you have 4 to 6 hours of homework understanding the many functions of the Pirated Dive Bar and then reading the free download of the book written to describe the TV series. You will then have a lot of volunteer work improving the quality of life for a person with a disability or volunteering to support your favorite cause such as animal rescue. You log hours with the Atlanta Volunteers or provide your own method to support your team. You must understand how to use the classifieds to crowd source the video production, marketing, research and other duties of your teams production company.


The TV series that this games connects to is called “The Tropical Adventure Competition.” The game is based on Kroger game points and our own crypto currency called “loonies”, (short for dubloons).  Employment and a higher quality of life for people with disabilities is the goal of the TV series and the game.

The Pirate Dive Bar is the arena where the game is played and the broadcast is created.  We are similar to major sports and the Olympics where the sports organizations are nonprofits and the broadcasters and vendors are for profit.

A nonprofit called the Atlanta Volunteers and a for profit business called Dolphin Rodeo Inc. operate the Pirate Dive Bar. This is similar to the business structure that the nonprofit N.F.L., N.H.L., P.G.A. and the Olympics have with for profit broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, NBC and vendors of all kinds from cars to food.  Even though the N.F.L. is a nonprofit, Roger Goodell, the commisioner was paid 44.2 million in compensation.  Broadcasting businesses and vendors earn much more than he did.  Individual players earn millions. What will happen here during season three?

Each person can have as many avatars as they want.  Each avatar controls four characters. They are the Hero Sailor, Villain Pirate, Seductive Catfisher and Hungry Catfish.  There are more characters, these are different types of Landlubbers that are not playing the game, yet. Avatars plan with sailors, plot with pirates while catfishers troll to get landlubbers involved in the game. Hungry catfish are used as an example to teach the landlubber how to feed and then be fished into the game.  With honest hard work the Sailor donates to the nonprofit.  The Pirate lies, bribes, cheats and steals booty to give to the nonprofit.  The Catfisher sells goods and services and the Catfish buy goods and services.  Each avatar is also their own bank.  They can inflate and deflate their currency the same way wall street and the real life Pirates, the Federal Reserve does with the US dollar.

Servers and entertainers are key fund raisers and are the only people that can redeem loonies directly from us for cash.  For these workers, loonies have real value and are paid as tips for the valuable fundraising work they do for the Atlanta Volunteers. For everyone else, loonies are worthless electronic game points that can be mysteriously redeemed for goods and services. This mystery exchange is also the basis of the fiat currency you use everyday. This game will convince you in the same way that a fiat currency does, that these magic beans called loonies, have real value, but they do not.

The object of the game is the same as crypto currency, the US dollar, wall street stocks, actors with plastic surgery, fine art, hard work or a diploma. “You use any means possible as a sailor, pirate, catfisher or catfish to convince others that what you have is valuable.”   They pay you more than what you have is worth and you profit.

Servers, Hosts & Entertainers

These are the most valuable players in this game!

Each person has their own leaderboard so they can see who tips them the most! This creates a competition from customers to be the best tipper! 5 servers, hosts or entertainers will win the Second Grand Prize and compete for the First Grand Prize!

When an entertainer is playing music you like, wouldn’t you like an easy way to tip them without using your credit card or walking up while their playing?  If the host you met was doing a really good job wouldn’t you like an easy way to send them a tip?

We call servers, hosts and entertainers, fundraisers.  (Karaoke DJ’s are considered entertainers along with bands, comedians, speakers, organization leaders, party hosts and artists.)  These people are vital to the fundraising process and creating content for the TV series.  20% of all donations to the nonprofit go towards fundraising expenses and tipping fundraisers.  This 20% includes donations directly to the nonprofit from people and corporations along with the purchase of loonies.

In addition to the nonprofit tipping fundraisers, there are more than a dozen different ways fundraisers can turn loonies into cash and increase the amount of cash tips they get. We want fundraisers to make money and we will strongly support their efforts.

Here is one way a fundraiser can get bigger tips. After a game, contest or challenge is over and players are finished playing, they can give their loonies to the fundraisers as tips.  The fundraisers can redeem these loonies for cash or keep them until the next game.  Instead of players buying loonies from Paypal when a new game starts, they can buy them with cash from the fundraisers.  You can transfer loonies faster than a credit card swipe can process and no banking, credit card or personal information is needed, ever!

Here is the magical part of how our loonies can be traded for cash.  A player may not want to use their credit card to buy loonies from Paypal.  The fundraiser can step in and say “I will sell loonies for cash.” 

Online the player would pay 25 cents for each loonie.  The fundraiser can sell for loonies for the same price, a higher price or a lower price.  The fundraiser keeps the cash as a tip, the same as any other tip.

For example, the fundraiser could undercut our Paypal price and sell loonies for 5 or 6 for a dollar instead of our price (with a credit card)  4 for a dollar.   The player would get a better deal buying loonies and less problems when they buy them with cash from the fundraiser.  This would benefit the fundraiser and the player.  If there is a lot of demand for the loonies the fundraiser might sell them for 2 or 3 for a dollar so that people do not have the problems of using a credit card and can pay cash.  This increases the profitability or demand of the loonie depending on your chosen sale price.  This is an example of making a profit whether you are inflating or deflating the value of loonies.   This manipulates or corners the market just like they do on wall street or at the Federal Reserve. 

The bargaining price for loonies is completely up to the fundraiser and they keep the cash.


There are game and category leaderboards and each player has their own leaderboard on their profile. The players leaderboard shows who sends them the most loonies.  Players can also look at anyone’s profile to see who is the most likely to tip, bet, challenge or buy with loonies. They can then fish for that player.  The leaderboard tells you who deserves the most attention and who is the biggest catfish.  Leaderboards show the people that like you and they are the ones you should spend the most time with and be the nicest to.  People will compete with tips to be at the top of your favorites list, and this is great for your tips.

Leaderboards give valuable fishing information to pirates and catfishers, but mermaids and sharks can appear as catfish only to lead Pirates and Catfishers to their doom.

Contests, Challenges, Betting and Bribes

 Nothing is binding at the Pirate Dive Bar and the winner takes all.  In some cases winners might actually comply with their promise to who gets what share of the booty.  This is where fundraisers can start contests that result in tips just for them, or half for them and half for the bootymaster or whatever manner of division they want.  Fundraisers can use their leaderboards to easily create tipping contests between players.

Any kind of betting is legal with loonies as they are electronic game points and are not poker chips that you redeem for cash. Think of getting a bunch of tickets at an arcade.  Before taking them to the prize counter, you sell them to somebody for $20.  Nobody in their right mind would buy them for $20 but this is exactly how worthless loonies are exchanged for cash.  You can trade, barter, bet, steal, cheat and bribe with loonies and this is all perfectly legal as loonies are just game points. They have the same value as an arcade ticket that you take to the prize counter, nothing.

If you want to compete against other players for grand prizesompete against other players to win one of the grand prizes, you will have to compete against other players.

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