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The value of the rewards follow for the donation of cash, goods, services, trade or volunteer hours. Loonies are not stocks, but the rewards should

in a way similar to holding onto stocks in a company and then trading them in at the right time loonies can change in value.

A second public register is used for the TV series called “The Tropical Adventure Competition”.

This score is used by the competitors, teams, nonprofits, businesses and general public connected to the TV series called the Tropical Adventure Competition and the games played at The Pirate Dive Bar to win and earn.

Loonies are a transparent currency that exposes all crime and waste by providing a pedigree of that that shows every transaction going back to its birth.

Transparency makes loonies ideal and legal for fund-raising activities such as bingo, poker, gambling, darts, fishing tournaments,  silent auctions, competitions or any activity you can think of.

Loonies easily switch between electronic points and poker chips and back to electronic points with no mistake that is undiscoverable or uncorrectable.

Loonies can never be used for the heinous criminal enterprise associated with Bitcoin, the US dollar, the stock market or the waste and corruption of politicians.  Loonies are worthless for money laundering or hiding wealth.

Loonies have a very playful way of letting you act like a lying, cheating, stealing pirate that catfishes, bribes and extorts other players.  Loonies are so transparent that we even have leaderboards for notorious pirates or catfishers including the totals of their ill gotten gain.

Pirate themed skullduggery is playfully used to support local causes.  All loonies represent donations so the more booty you steal the more virtuous you are!  Try that with Bitcoin or the US dollar!

Everytime a loonie is created it has a sequential number on its pedigree.  The total number of loonies created is posted and you can easily search loonies by amount, date, purpose, user etc. or see a graph.  With a click on the sequential number you can trace any looney back to where it originated and then see every transaction it has every been involved in.  If there are loonies with duplicate numbers you will see that.  You can immediately see counterfeit loonies. 

Loonies have one more very special purpose, making fun of wall street and fiat currency. 

We will be inflating and deflating the value of loonies just as they do with the US dollar, stocks or real estate.  The starting price of loonies is 25 cents for each loonie.  After we get enough in circulation we will drop the price to possibly 15 cents for each loonie.  This will cause even more purchases and then we will raise the price to around 50 cents for each loonie.  This will slow the amount of loonies available.  This will also make them more valuable as rewards for donations.  We will jerk the market up and down a few times but always create and upward moving graph as we do that.  Upward graphs with fiat currency are good for business and make you feel good.

With loonies anyone can form their own bank and do the same as wall street or the federal reserve. Anyone can issue stock under their own rules and then inflate or deflate the price of their loonies or stock on a whim.

As an example, lets say one of the expert Pirates listed on the leaderboards has 14,356 loonies.  (you can see his total, history and pedigree of every loonie)  We see this pirate as a great fund raiser!  Here is how we help him put cash in his pocket.

We sell loonies for 25 cents each when you buy them through Paypal.  The Pirate has so many of them he decides to sell them for 5 cents each for cash.  A person buying these loonies thinks they are saving 20 cents by buying them “hot” from a pirate.  Lets say the pirate sells 10,000 loonies and gets $200 in real cash for them.  Those 10,000 loonies earned $2,500 for the nonprofit, they earned $200 for the Pirate (lets call it fund raising work) and the person who bought them thinks he is saving $2,300.  Everyone got a sweet deal, but it isn’t over.  The pirate sees someone who doesn’t want to use a credit card to buy loonies and wants to buy 200 of them with cash.  For this service the Pirate decides to sell his loonies for 50 cents each.  He looks and has a zero balance, he then decides to buy 200 loonies for $50. He sells the 200 loonies and gets $100.  He makes a $50 profit, the nonprofit gets $50 and the person buying them doesn’t use their own credit card.

Loonies have a mysterious tax on them.  They shrink in value everytime you use them.  Instead of a tax that is added to price, our tax is subtracted and we happily do it for you.  We change the tax rate just like the gov’t does.  Right now ours is set at 10%.  If you pay 10 loonies for something, the person receiving them only gets 9.  At some point we will make it so you if you pay 10 loonies the other person gets 11.  This tax rate will go up and down just to create inflation, deflation and create market manipulation of loonies.

Eventually you will learn how fiat dollars are used in the real world to cheat you and we are happy to sell you loonies so you can learn that lesson.

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