For many centuries public ledgers have been used to eliminate waste and fraud from financial transactions for governments, nonprofits and public organizations. With the goal of transparency for nonprofits, a new anti-crime Crypto currency for honest people has been developed from this old idea.

This crypto currency is playfully called “loonies” which is short for Dubloons.  It is associated with a Pirate theme as you cannot pirate this crypto coin.

Loonies are the opposite of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies as they cannot be used for crime on the dark web or to extort people, businesses or governments.

Loonies can only be used to do good in this world!  Loonies are a crypto currency for honest ethical people that do not want to be associated with the worst evil in this world that Bitcoin was developed for.  Our crypto currency can only be used with nonprofits, organizations or individuals that have open transparent books called a “public ledger”.

You cannot hack or steal something on a public ledger as every single piece of information is already public. It is unencrypted and easily available to anyone. No banking, credit card or protected information is ever needed or used on the public ledger or website.  There is nothing to steal as no information worth stealing is ever used. 

A 501 (c) 3 known as the Atlanta Volunteers (FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS, INC. 26-0354205) has developed this crypto currency.  Piratedivebar.com is a playful pirate place that celebrates people doing great things with loonies.

We play pirate themed games that dare you to commit crimes with loonies! No matter how hard you try, you will only be able to do good and help others.  We let you bribe judges, rig games, gamble, extort and catfish other players but all you will be able to do is to improve the quality of life for others.  Everything else will just be a game that does good while you play a lying, cheating, cussing, smoking pirate who spends his money on drinking, gambling, womanizing and squanders the rest, but yet still can not commit any real crime.

Back Story

What would a Pirate Dive Bar be without song!  The “Karaoke Challenge Game” (karaokechallengegame.com)  is a fund raising game played at the Pirate Dive Bar.  Salt Life Trivia (saltlifetrivia.com) is based on USCG, Red cross, sailing, scuba and other knowledge sailors need and is another fund raising game played at the Pirate Dive Bar.  Many other activities can be found at the Pirate Dive Bar.

All of our real transactions are handled at another website called Paypal.   You have to hack Paypal and then hack our actual bank accounts to get any of our “real” money.  What we have on the Piratedivebar.com site are loonies that are much less valuable than tiddly winks, monopoly money or magic beans.

Here is the amazing thing about our worthless fiat currency, it can be traded for goods, services and cash and yet it has no real value.  Piratedivebar.com is very similar to Plymouth Rock where the Mayflower landed in 1620.  (FACT: The boat could travel no further, it was out of beer!  The Pilgrims had to land and set up a colony to replenish the beer. Beer was the method to keep drinking water safe from contamination on long voyages. )

The early colonies flourished mainly because they did not use any form of currency.  When a currency was established, it was a citizen owned currency that Honest Abe developed that carried no interest called “Greenbacks”.

The USA was very rich and prospered wildly while it carried an interest free citizen owned currency up until Dec. 23, 1911 when the Rothchilds who owned the Bank of England formed the Federal Reserve and then bribed politicians to take a vote while congress was deserted at Christmas.  The Rothchilds who had owned the bank of England for many centuries now owned the USA currency and attached interest paid to them on each and every dollar.  England finally won the 1776 war of independence.  We got a flag and a song and they got all of our treasure and put us into unpayable debt forever.

It is impossible to pay back one dollar when it costs you $1.25 or more over the life of its interest.  Just wait until you hear about what they did with the gold reserves!

Loonies are a solution to interest ladden currency. Loonies are just like having a citizen owned, interest free currency and starting again in a new world, a digital one.  Loonies can exist alongside other currencies just like all the rest of the currencies of the world do.

The investment strategy of buying loonies will not announced until after year 1 of the TV series “The Tropical Adventure Competition” which has a focus on improving the lives of disabled populations.  The 30 heroes with Disabilities that lead each of the 30 teams are like Pilgrims into the new world and after Season 1, they will have reached that new world. In the series they will also be reaching a Tropical Island Paradise to compete to have the most fun possible.

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