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Pirate Initiation #1

Pirate Avatar
Are you over 18 years of age?
There are 9 pirate ships. Each ship has a different initiation and secret gangs ready to fight sailors, mutiny or fight about mutiny. When you complete the 2nd initiation you will be given access to the third and so on. You will have access to that ship but any gangs on there will watch you and remain hidden until you prove yourself. They will then present you with their initiation to join that gang.
First Initiation
Do you eat meat?
Will you eat meat if asked to prove it?
Will you drink a shot anytime it is offered?
Will you ever complain about anyone smoking?
Will you smoke to prove you are not against smokers?
Was the 2020 election stolen
If you are unable to achieve pirate status. Try being a landlubber

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