Registration Tutorial

Each registration creates a character.

You create one or more simple or complex characters to play the game or interact with the production studio.  The only time that you need to provide accurate information for a character is when you interact with the Production Studio.  This would be when you compete or become part of the cast or crew of the TV series “Tropical Adventure Competition”. 

The goal of the game is to create content that is tested at the production studio.  You get credit and compensation for content that is broadcasted.

To create hilarious team content, multiple people may be logged into one character at the same time. You can also play several characters at once. Games can last for just a few seconds, until the party ends or go on continuously.

If you want credit for a resume or compensation that is taxable income, you will have to create a genuine profile with real and verified information to interact with the Production Studio.  This login is called a “Verified Sailor”.  The login called “Sailor” that you create for the game does not need genuine or real information. If you do want your name, your company name or any other information released, this is the profile to use.  It is not verified, people take your word for it.

Public Login

We created a bogus character using “a” as the name and “a” as the password.  (we used a bogus email ) login to this character to continue the tutorial.  You will be redirected after the login to the next part of the tutorial.

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