Object of the Game

  1. Enable the Production Studio to support disabled adults that you know or your team supports
  2. Enable the Game to support your team or cause
  3. Earn enough booty and prizes for yourself so that you achieve #1 or #2, by playing profitably or effectively


You score when you redeem loonies for cash or prizes.

This game has 3 rules.

  1. You never have to pay any fine or perform any service but you can.
  2. You pay for a product or service before it is delivered or performed.
  3. You do not have to deliver a product or perform a service that was already paid for but you can.

And 2 moves.

  1. Transfer loonies to another player with a message.
  2. Read the transfer and message history of any player. 


Parties The ideal setting for this game is in a pool, boat or backyard party where people bring food and drinks and throw in a few bucks to play on the water like pirates. To start the game the bootymaster exchanges the drinks, food, money and the services people brought for loonies. Services are for playing characters such as the galley wench, galley slave, cabin boy, mermaid or other characters. Loonies are used to buy the food & drinks that anyone brought and buy the services of different characters. Online loonies are easily exchanged for poker chip loonies so that people can put down their cellphones and play pirate games on or near the water. The bootymaster may choose to include online players to join the party using zoom and the chatroom. This can make the party more profitable but one person will have to check the chatroom on their cellphone every few minutes for messages. You can make bets, dares and contests with online players and live players as poker chip loonies and online loonies can be used at the same time. At the end of the party the bootymaster changes the poker chip loonies back into online loonies or redeems them for prizes.

Restaurants You can play at bars and restaurants in a variety of ways. You can create a leaderboard for a server, musician or entertainer or they can create their own. If you have created the leaderboard for them, as you are leaving the bootymaster of the game redeems the loonies for the cash the leaderboard generates and gives it to the server, musician or entertainer that won. The server, musician or entertainer does not need to create a character or have any interaction with you at all. They simply get cash as you are leaving. If the servers, musicians or entertainers choose to create their own character it has a leaderboard so they know who their best tippers are. Live or live online players can add loonies to leaderboards at anytime. If the restaurant chooses to be involved then any game or activity such as darts, pool or karaoke at that location can use loonies for betting, scorekeeping or gameplay. Loonies can be exchanged for coupons, cash gift cards, food, drinks or other prizes that the restaurant lists at their own prize counter.

Business You can play at business meetings by using the “Sailor” filter. This “might” prevent inappropriate material from being viewed at your meeting. While waiting for people to arrive you fine somebody 10 loonies for wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, you fine somebody 5 for going bald, you fine people 15 for being late, they fine you 30 for the lousy joke you told.  A special award of 50 loonies goes to Bob who went 10 days without spilling coffee or food on his shirt. The loonies are given to your groups Treasurer to put in the coffee “kitty”, or towards your favorite charity. You can use loonies instead of cash or credit cards to make it very easy for your attendees to be rewarded or make it easy for them to pay for coffee or snacks that support your meeting.

Classifieds The classifieds have the usual categories such as for sale, help wanted and more but they also have other functions. The most important function is gathering a team to compete in the Tropical Adventure Competition. The second most important function is being paid to develop characters and scripts or to use crowd sourcing to develop finished material for the Pirate Dive Bar Studio.


Each game raises money for a specific person or cause through the purchase of loonies. You create a situation, contest, promise, goods or services where somebody is motivated to give you the loonies you are asking for. They use Paypal to buy loonies or win them in contests or games. When they use Paypal the person or cause you are supporting receives 100% of that purchase. Create another reason to use loonies and do it again.

Anyone can become a bank. We encourage servers, bootymasters or anyone to undercut or gouge the price of our loonies and inflate or deflate their value. This can give you actual cash in your pocket while supporting your favorite cause. We generally sell loonies for 25 cents each, but we can also raise or lower the price just like the feds and wall street. Lets say you are a server who over the last month has been tipped 1,000 loonies. ($250) Instead of redeeming your loonies at the prize counter you decide to let your customers buy loonies from you for cash. Instead of having them use their credit card and going through paypal you will sell 2 loonies for a dollar to your customers. Somebody gives you 10 dollars you give them 20 loonies. You would earn $500 with this method. Lets say you really need some cash and you decide to have a clearance sale. All 1,000 loonies for $100. The person buying them thinks it is a great deal since they are spending just 10 cents a loonie. You think it is a great deal since you just got $100 which seemed to be better than the redeeming the loonies at the prize counter. You got these loonies as a tip on top of your regular tips so it did not cost you anything. You may have also got these loonies with your catfishing or sharking ability and now you are redeeming them directly for cash at a price you decide.

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