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Everyone connected with the Atlanta Volunteers should register on this page.
Kroger Game Points
This registration also lets you collect $5 in Kroger game points to play our fund raising game called “The Pirate Dive Bar”.

When you donate we give you game points as a reward. These game points are called “loonies” (short for Dubloons) Every time you buy loonies for the game you are actually making a donation to FORSYTH AREA SPORTS TEAMS INC. 501 (c) (3) 26-0354205. We are better known as the “Atlanta Volunteers“.

You must have be verified by your email address for us to send you a donation receipt. The sailor avatar requires a verified email address, the landlubber and pirate avatars do not. If you want to donate anonymously use a landlubber or pirate avatar. All donations made through Paypal are on a public ledger for our finances. Paypal donations can be seen here. Other financial documents are available on request.

You can also give cash donations to a pirate at one of our events and good luck getting a receipt! It is possible, but there are a lot of trust issues with pirates.

In the game the sailor avatar represents the character that is honest, moral, ethical and one that would never cuss, smoke, drink, gamble or talk about politics, religion or sex. You risk fines and punishment by the “Bootymaster” if you act like a landlubber and worse if you are a pirate. Your enemy arrrrrrr the pirates.
Sailor Avatar
Are you over 18 years of age?
Sailor Oath - I agree to never swear, lie, drink, gamble, womanize, punish or enslave others unless it is necessary.
Only sailors may register as competitors, cast & crew of the TV series "Tropical Adventure Competition". Sailors should logout and create one or two anonymous unverified Landlubber or Pirate Avatars to avoid sullying their reputation as a sailor if they want to play pirate games.
Address (Optional, it is used f you become an employee, or for certifications such as scuba, CPR etc. that you take)
Address (Optional, it is used f you become an employee, or for certifications such as scuba, CPR etc. that you take)

The landlubber and pirate avatars let you donate by buying loonies, but we are not able to send you a donation receipt to those avatars because they are unverified. You must track the donations yourself with your Paypal reciepts for donations which match the entries in our public records for Paypal seen here.

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