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There are 9 levels of skullduggery. Initiations filter out people who get offended, have agendas, morals, are vegetarians, left handed or Irish. The initiation rules always change as the gang thinks of improvements at your expense. You get thrown into the ship of fools if you can not pass the initiations.

Initiation topics are in brackets

Level 1. You enter the Game (Cussing and respecting the exercise of lawful free speech as used by shock jocks and others)

Level 2. You hang with the cool kids (Smoking, drinking and eating meat or convincing us you do)

Level 3. You can attend rehearsals (Show us you enjoy comedy from anyone including Richard Pryor, Louis C.K, George Carlin, Boondocks, and others while singing the raunchiest song or rap lyrics}

Level 4. You can attend parties (Pirate mischief)

Level 5. You can attend comedy & script writer meetings. (must convincingly argue three sides of any point of view given to you)

Leve 6. You decide on material to be released to the public and attend wardrobe, makeup, special effects rehearsals (You pass double secret probation)

Level 7, 8, 9 administrative, planning and financial levels.

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