What is the Pirate Dive Bar?

The Pirate Dive Bar is two things.  It is a game and a TV production company.

  • The Pirate Dive Bar connects players, teams, cast, crew, advertisers, producers, viewers and heroes all together in one spot.
  • The game is simple enough that you can LOGIN and start playing.
  • The game is featured in short segments on the streaming TV series called “The Tropical Adventure competition”. 

The Pirate Dive Bar has its own crypto currency unlike anything you have ever seen

Fundraising Games

The games have two purposes, raw comedy and fundraising. Raw comedy that you create with the game raises funds locally. The raw comedy is transferred to the production company to create a broadcast quality comedy sketch. This creates a second fundraising stream, broadcast revenue.

Examples of Games

Pirate Party

Your mission as a Pirate is to do everything you can to raise money for your favorite cause and no amount of pirate trickery or skullduggery is off limits.  Fooling people for a good cause is the theme of this comedy.

The ideal setting for this pirate themed game is near a pool, boat or backyard where people bring food and drinks or throw in a few bucks to buy loonies so they can play.

Typically the Bootymaster takes the food and drinks from guests and gives them loonies for what they brought.  Guests then have to buy their food back with loonies, and if they lose their loonies in rigged contests then they will have to buy more loonies to eat or drink.  If they want their own food and drinks they will have to be the highest bidder for them.

The Bootymaster decides if she will play on a schedule, improv, with input from online players in the chatroom, with suggestions from the guests or make it up on the fly.  A back up plan and list of activities is strongly recommended.  Pre-planning days in adance allows for the rigging of contests and bets to steal or catfish from live and or online players.

Pre-planned punishments and rewards for rigged games with bets being taken every step of the way is a great way for live players to catfish online players into making higher and higher bets.

Live players can get secretly online and “seed” the online chatroom with dares, bets and bribes to fool people into buying loonies and making bets.  Bets are always collected before the action and sometimes before you know what you are betting on!

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